Crossing SW Madison St.

Different models display different names for the final stop along Portland Mall.  This car in the 400 series marks it simply as "PSU," but the rotating identification also calls it "City Center."  The colored rectangle for the Green Line bears no real significance for the southbound passenger boarding along Portland Mall.

The cross street is SW Madison.  Buses hug the curb lanes along the Mall except for the stretches where MAX has a station.  The two modes are transitioning lanes in the foreground.  There is one lane, to the left of the direction of transit, for general-purpose vehicle use. 

It is virtually impossible to discern it in this image, but a famous local sculpture, "Portlandia," is across the street, its base up in front of the third story of the building with the same name.  It is said to be the second-largest copper statue of its kind in the nation, with only the Statue of Liberty bigger.  Installation was fairly recent as these things go: 1985.

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