SW 6th & Pine

SW 6th Ave. and SW Pine St. is the fourth station northbound along the Portland Mall route.  Like similar signs elsewhere on MAX, this one allows for up to four colors to be displayed.  For now there are two regular lines, Green and Yellow.  But also running here is the MAX Mall Shuttle, which operates every half hour on weekday afternoons between PSU and Union Station.  And on Sunday afternoons, the Vintage Trolley plies these stations, having been relocated upon the Mall's opening from its former route, which connected city center east-west with the Lloyd Center area east of the Willamette River. 

The poster below was on display shortly before the route opened for light rail.  Pioneer Courthouse Square appears in its center left; and beyond that, on the other side of SW Morrison St., is the once-named Meier & Frank Building.  That famous local department store chain has been subsumed into Macy's, which occupies the building's lower floors.  A hotel is above. 

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