Six Lines, and More Planned

Denver is another of the country's light rail success stories, and its system continues to expand.  With the opening of Southeast Corridor routes in late 2006, the Regional Transportation District (RTD) more than doubled its service territory.  Six lines travel along about thirty-five route miles.

This view was at twilight at what was then the southern terminal for the original line, I-25 & Broadway.
  That route has since been extended five stations, spaced amply apart, south to Littleton/Mineral.  The Southeast Corridor lines now split off just beyond this station, with two final destinations, Nine Mile, in Douglas County, and Lincoln, in Aurora. 

North from this location the initial route went generally north, much of it alongside a railroad corridor, until it reached reserved running on city streets near and through downtown.  It then proceeded northeast to its terminal at 30th & Downing.  The system now splits into two routes just before it enters the center city, with final destinations either at Union Station, at 16th & California in downtown (along the original route), or at 30th & Downing.