Waterfront Station, Canada Line

The Canada Line also begins at Waterfront, but its station is quite removed from that of the older lines.  To get between the two platforms, one walks through part of the former Canadian Pacific railroad terminal, restored and serving as an intermodal hub for SkyTrain, commuter rail and for a ferry connecting with North Vancouver.

Canada Line began service in the summer of 2009, several months earlier than its originally-scheduled opening date.  It is about nineteen kilometers long (close to 12 miles).  It goes mostly underground through Vancouver, but rises for one station in that city before it crosses the North Arm of the Fraser River into Richmond.  Just beyond the first station there, a branch to YVR Airport splits off.  For both that branch, and for trains otherwise heading for Richmond-Brighouse, there are three further stops.

This series presents four further Canada Line views later on.  Coverage will be significantly expanded in due course.

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