Into the Subway

The population of Greater Toronto is over five million people.  It is a diverse, thriving, and attractive area; and one that supports a variety of passenger rail services. 

Toronto's three traditional subway lines extend about 65 kilometers (40 miles), with the RT adding an additional 6.5 kilometers (over 4 miles).  Much of the network is underground, but other than on the Sheppard Subway there are a number of outdoor segments away from the heart of the city.

TTC also maintains the most extensive traditional streetcar system on the continent, with eleven lines in service.  There are a handful of locations where the streetcar route loops to an end below-ground or at the surface adjacent to a subway stop.   

For those living further out, GO Transit operates one of the continent's most extensive commuter rail networks, with seven different diesel routes radiating from downtown.
This photo is on the western portion of the Bloor-Danforth subway route.  Our train is readying to head into a tunnel beneath a residential neighborhood.  There are 31 stations along this line between Kipling, to the west, and Kennedy, eastern terminal. 

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