From the Cab, in the Rain

It was a rainy early autumn morning.   I had driven from New Hampshire into the Boston area, and had parked in the huge structure at Alewife, the northern terminal of the Red Line.  A train was waiting in the subterranean station, and with no indication of its immediate departure I started taking some pictures from the platform.

A voice behind me asked, "Just what do you find so interesting?"  I turned around, wondering about the encounter, and explained in brief to the man, who was in no discernible uniform, about my life-long interest in urban rail.  He listened to me for a bit, and then asked "Well how would you like to get some really good shots?"  And soon I was seated in the cab for a fully unauthorized but totally mesmerizing ride into and just beyond downtown.  I left the cab sure that the few passengers who looked my way were wondering why this guy with the camera had a grin as wide as his face.

This rain-splattered photo is from the brief outdoor stretch during that ride.  We were coming into the Charles/MGH Station, having just crossed Longfellow Bridge.  Few people were waiting.  This is the only outdoor station on the Red Line north of downtown.    

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