Red Line

The original portion of the Red Line began operation as the Cambridge Subway in 1912, with a fairly short route from Park St. downtown to Harvard, across the Charles River.  Fairly early on the line reached Ashmont to the south.  Extensions in the 1970s and 1980s lengthened the route north to Alewife, and added a long second branch across the Neponset River and through Quincy to the south.  The total length of the Red Line, original Ashmont route and later Braintree route combined, is a bit over twenty miles -- by far the longest of the three Boston heavy rail services.

This center city view is at Downtown Crossing.  There are three stops along the line under Boston's traditional downtown, Park St., Downtown Crossing and South Station.  Those wishing to get to the Blue Line  for a trip to Logan Airport or elsewhere, can do that only with an intermediate transfer to the Orange Line at this station, or to the Green Line light rail at Park St.  In either case, the Blue Line is one stop away, to the northeast. 

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