Old Wabash Station

The Delmar Loop MetroLink stop is adjacent to the rear of the former Wabash Railroad Delmar Station, which once handled a substantial amount of that railroad's St. Louis passenger traffic.  Light rail runs underneath the old structure, as did the trains of long ago.

The visiting railfan wonders what must it have been like here, once upon a time.  Old schedules are at first more than a little confusing to one not familiar with the area's rail history.  Outbound Wabash trains for western destinations such as Omaha and Kansas City stopped here, but also so did trains heading to the east for places such as Chicago and Detroit.  Some further research shows that the line used Merchants Bridge, north of downtown, to cross the Mississippi, and trains from eastern destinations executed a fairly long U-shaped route to reach the stub-ended Union Station downtown.    

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