San Ysidro in the 1980s

This view is at San Ysidro, very close to the location from where the previous photo in this series was taken  -- but this scene is from more than two decades earlier than that of the previous page in this series.  The trees are newly in place, and they will need careful attention.

Approaching San Ysidro now, one gets some sweeping views of the Mexican city to the south.  Its closely spaced streets built along various hillsides and valleys contrast with the rather lower density landscape on the California side. 

Since the time of this 1981 view both cities, San Diego and Tijuana, have gone over the million population mark.  That makes this border the only location in North America where cities of that size are adjacent.  

And there is no place else in the U.S. where a person can view a foreign country from a light (or heavy) rail urban transit line.   

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