Multiple Bridges

Three bridges are in view in this scene, which looks generally north over the Willamette River.  Closer to the camera, trains are passing in each direction along the upper lift portion of Steel Bridge.

The structure atop the center span houses the equipment that controls the independent raising and lowering of the two levels.  The small operator's facility is right below it.  It seems to be unusually located. 

Broadway Bridge, next crossing up over the Willamette, is the rust-colored in the middle distance.  Beyond that the double-deck, high-level Fremont Bridge carries freeway traffic.  The Willamette joins the Columbia a few miles northwest of here, and the Columbia leads to the Pacific Ocean near territory surveyed for the nation by the Lewis and Clark expedition. 

Ocean freighters come as far down as to this vicinity, but no further.  Broadway Bridge has to raise its bascule lift for ships to service the large grain terminal on the Eastside between it and Steel Bridge.   

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