Replica Streetcar

Replica streetcars from a Portland city line of old, Council Crest, operate on a loop along Portland Mall, Sunday afternoons only, for much of the year.  These units look very ancient, but are carefully crafted modern versions, dating back only to 2001. 

Before the Portland Mall began operation, the Vintage Trolley worked a much more exciting and desirable route through what was then called the Fareless Square, heading across Steel Bridge from near Lloyd Center to the old City Center loop to the west of the heart of downtown, and back.  It's good to have service continuing, but to this observer, all in all, it is not so good anymore.  (Numerous other Vintage Trolley photos from an earlier MAX era appear elsewhere in the Free Rail Zone segments.) 

This view is from the vicinity of Union Station, and the car is now about to head southbound along SW 5th Ave.

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