All METRO stations are at ground level.  They are of relatively simple design, but each has some public art.  This view is along Central Ave., the westbound route, at Washington/Central.  The rails have just curved from running along Washington St., and are on the left side of Central at this point.  There are eight stations ahead along Central before the line turns west again, before yet another and final turn to the north.

Planning is currently underway that will take the route about five miles further from the current terminal at Montebello/19th Ave.  Other expansion projects for METRO are anticipated.   

Temperatures, of course, in Phoenix are seasonally hot -- it was about one hundred degrees at the time of this late-September photo.  There is shading provided at the stations.  And the light rail vehicles, manufactured by Japan's Kinkisharyo International, have added tinting to the windows to help keep the cars protected from the heat.

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