Readying To Reverse

The year 2001 brought these new, rather ungainly looking, vehicles manufactured by Kinki Sharyo to Newark to replace the long-lasting PCCs.

This train is heading past the last stop, then at Branch Brook Park, to prepare to switch  to the inbound track.  Soon after that it will begin the fairly short journey back to Penn Station.  The two new stations that opened shortly after the time of this photo bring to twelve the total number on the route, and the final outbound stop is now Grove St. 

The Newark lines, as the front of the car confirms, are operated by New Jersey Transit.  That entity also operates the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail routes, some miles away, and a major network of commuter rail lines that serve the New York City metropolitan area.  There is also a diesel light rail service running between Camden and Trenton, and Atlantic City rail service from Philadelphia.  And there are bus lines -- many of them.  NJ Transit is one of the country's largest urban/suburban transportation providers. 

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