Under Downtown

Portions of the subway are four-tracked.  Green Line trains from the west normally terminate either at Lechmere (E branch), at North Station (C branch) or at Government Center (B and D branches).  These destinations have changed over the years among the branches.

Sharp subway loops at Government Center and also available at Park Street produce the magnificent squealing noises of trains turning on tight radiuses.  
There are various lengths of unused track and remnants of former portals visible at several locations along the subway.

The 3500 series of cars were manufactured by Boeing-Vertol.  All have been retired from active use by the two American cities that ever bought them: Boston and San Francisco.

Government Center was formerly Scollay Square.  That stop was one of several on the "T
" featured in a very popular song from the late 1950s sung by the Kingston Trio, dealing with the effects of a fare increase.  It was ridiculous, but catchy and fun.  And today's stored-value fare system, the CharlieCard and CharlieTicket, pay rare homage to a folk hero of old, "poor Charlie" on the MTA.

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