Private Right of Way

The compelling presence of Pyramid Arena greets the Riverfront Loop rider as the trolleys swing to run southbound near the Mississippi.  Said to be the third largest pyramid in the world, this structure hosts the city's professional basketball team and other sporting events, as well as concerts and so on.

Of perhaps more pertinent interest to the railfan, the Riverfront Loop crosses over a daily-used CN track north of the sports facility.  This is a very rare case anywhere in the country that an urban rail route of any kind crosses an Amtrak route at grade.  The southbound City of New Orleans is scheduled to come along the rails to the left early in the morning.  Six days a week the trolley is operating at that hour.  The northbound passenger train, to Chicago, passes late at night, after normal trolley operation ends. 

The trolley track is protected with very prominent block signals indicating whether the crossing is clear to pass over.  

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