Silver Spring, Maryland

This photo was taken when Silver Spring was the terminal on the more eastern Maryland leg of the Red Line.  That part of the line has since been extended three fairly distant stations up to Glenmont. 

MARC commuter rail and CSX freight use parallel tracks seen here to the left.  This is one of many locations where Metrorail runs outdoors adjacent to traditional rail rights of way.  

The schematic Metro map that in various versions is displayed in stations, on vehicles, and is handed out to tourists and other passengers, has had a consistent appearance for decades now.  The Red Line shows as a crooked and squiggling "V" heading out from DC to its two Maryland terminals, Glenmont and Shady Grove.  If one looks at a geographically correct system map, there is an even more severely pronounced shape to the line -- sort of like a jagged, erratic test-tube  to the north and northwest of the heart of the District.

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