This quiet midday scene is at the Wilshire/Western terminal of the shorter Purple Line.  This train will switch over to the other track shortly after it clears the end of the platform.  The identification as a separate color for the route came about only in 2006.  Before that, both branches were known as the Red Line. 

There are only eight stations on the entire run.  Wilshire/Vermont, two stops ahead, is built on two levels, each with a single track.  This facilitates the joining and separation of the two routes, which occurs just west of its platforms. 

The final four stations inbound are under the traditional downtown core of L.A.   At the first of these stops, 7th St./Metro Center, passengers can transfer to the Blue Line light rail, in subway there also, for its run down to Long Beach.  At the end of the subway route, the Union Station terminal, passengers can, with a short inside walk, access the Gold Line light rail to Pasadena or East L.A.  And Metrolink commuter and Amtrak trains are also upstairs. 

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