Inbound from Library

I passed through Pittsburgh a number of times as a youth in the 1960s.  I was usually riding in the family car, and could only admire wistfully the good number of trolley routes then still operating, all with those wonderful PCC trolleys.  Tracks twisted up and down hills and extended out from street-running routes downtown in several main directions. 

One exceptional time, traveling by Greyhound with a friend equally appreciative of urban rail transit, we transferred buses in Pittsburgh, and had several hours of waiting time.  We chose to ride the 56 McKeesport line its full distance outbound.  The scenery and the ride were wonderful, and the feeling of being in a much earlier rail era was enthralling.  And what glorious memories remain!  Memories, but alas, no photos.    

This image is taken from the front end of a train heading inbound from Library.  The forest-lined right of way makes for a very pleasant passage.  It's not 56 McKeesport, but riding out on the further portions of the Library line in its own way still brings with it a certain feeling for the trolley routes of old, and great joy. 

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