From the Front End

The middle portion of the Red Line takes it along a stretch of Fannin densely packed with nearby high-rise medical facilities.  The destination guide distributed at the time of the route's opening noted that the Texas Medical Center was the largest in the world, home "to 13 teaching hospitals, two medical schools and four colleges of nursing, among other institutions."   There is much rail traffic generated by area workers and visitors.

This view is from inside a northbound train approaching Dryden/TMC.   There are numerous locations along this stretch where the left-turn lane for road traffic intrudes into the rail lane.  Autos may enter the turn lane when the downward-slanted arrow is green -- but that arrow turns to a red "X" when a train is approaching, and entry is forbidden. 

It is a bit confusing, perhaps, and there is much opportunity for conflict here, and elsewhere on the system.  There have been numerous accidents between car traffic and light rail, and safety has been the subject of much media attention and study by the transit agency.  Early on this observer noted some very vigorous law enforcement of infractions by motorists and errant pedestrians.

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