Heading Inbound

Part of the Charlotte skyline is visible ahead as the train in this image makes its way from East/West Blvd. to the next station,  Bland.  People can be seen waiting there on either platform.  Stops are closely spaced on the inner portion of the route.  Beyond Bland is Carson, Stonewall, 3rd St./Convention Center, Charlotte Transportation Center and the 7th St. terminal.

The Charlotte area entered the age of modern electric light rail in November, 2007, after a construction period that was marked by significant cost overruns and substantial local controversy. 

The LYNX Blue Line uses equipment manufactured by Siemens.  The Avanto model is similar in appearance to vehicles used in Houston, and to San Diego's newest equipment.  There are sixteen vehicles in the fleet; LRV #115 is the one that appears here. 

The tallest building visible in the distance is the Bank of America Corporate Center, 871 feet.  Charlotte has become the second largest banking center in the United States.  The city's population is estimated now to be close to 700,000, compared with fewer than 400,000 people in 1990.  Since then there has been both a substantial in-migration to the region, and considerable annexation accomplished.

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