Broad St. Line

There's no mistaking that this subway car belongs to the Broad Street Line and Ridge Spur service.  Its cars are adorned in large quantities of orange, whereas the Market-Frankford Line cars are trimmed with the color blue.

The line began service in the late 1920s.  Later extensions pushed out its service area both to the north and south.  Almost all of the route is underground, except at and near the northern terminal, Fern Rock Transportation Center.  The line from there through downtown is four-tracked, and represents one of the very few locations in the U.S. where express and local service run on dedicated tracks. 

Trains show colored marker lights -- something once very common, but quite rare now.  White is for the local; green, for the limited express service; yellow, Ridge Spur; and Blue, for special runs limited stops for selected sports and entertainment events at venues near the last stop south, Pattison.   

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