Universal City Outdoors

It is early March in this view above-ground at Universal City.  A very bright and direct sun creates some unwanted patterns on the image.  The sky is an intense blue, with some few wispy clouds and jet contrails adding contrast. 

When the weather is good, there is no time of year prettier in the Southland than these pre-springtime weeks.  Where nature has been given a chance, everything seems green and blossoming and blooming.  The light is vibrant, and the scents are intense. 

This observer, a Northerner by heritage who loves his seasons, lived in Los Angeles County for about eight years, mostly in the 1970s.  These were his favorite weeks of the year, by far.  It was an era when freeways were still being expanded along various vectors; and when the thought if expressed about a subway line someday connecting Universal City with downtown L.A. would have been pretty much beyond serious consideration by most.

It is good.  It is very, very good. 

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