Excursion on a June Day

The next several photos are some years later than the initial pictures -- here I had grown to the age of eight. 

The date in this one is June 5, 1955, and the location is Greenport, Long Island.  It was quite rare that my father and I did anything "major" alone -- but this "Farewell to Steam" excursion on the Long Island Railroad was an exception, and it was a truly wonderful day, one of the best in my life.  Railroads -- and  particularly tracks and where they went -- were a very early passion of mine, one of several passions that I got from my Father. 

That there were any photos taken is also somewhat unusual.  Father never was much with the camera; I suppose it was my mother who strongly suggested that this outing be recorded on film.

The few pictures taken that day would, decades later, become important in helping to verify a very strange confluence of events (a rather substantial "coincidence," one might say).  But that's a story for another time. 


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