Urban Stillness

I have done a lot of traveling, and in particular I have seen most of the USA.  I have been in all fifty states many times over, and have visited every major city and the entire complement of state capital cities.

The urban setting has always furnished particular fascination for me -- how cities or towns are laid out, how their circulation patterns and zones of commerce have changed over time. 

The photos in this section are not of major tourist sights, nor are they sweeping city vistas; rather the images offer glimpses of old buildings, of mostly vacant spaces which hint of the city beyond, and show other scenes that invoke a sense of urban stillness.  Only a handful or two of images are posted so far.

Scenes like this one, long and quiet blocks of old brick factories, disused or underused, are common in the Midwest and East, not so common in the "newer" Northwest.   This photo was taken in the Georgetown neighborhood south of Downtown Seattle.  It was a Sunday afternoon, and  rain was just beginning to fall.