Very Early Gulf Maps

In the early 1980s I picked up a handful of very early Gulf maps on a day trip to Philadelphia from New York City.  The covers of them -- dating from the teens
 -- are shown on this page.

I hadn't been feeling well that day -- awful stomach issues, in fact.  I was still somewhat dazed and queasy after the train trip south, and had to be coaxed by a friend into walking into the bookstore near downtown to check out whether they had any maps.

They did.  I saw a box of them, and saw the price of one dollar each...  It was as if I had to stop and figure out if this were a dream, delirium or reality, before I made my selections and reached for my wallet.

The maps are amazingly primitive.  The driver's options for getting from place to place were not too many, and the need for any degree of detail was not yet a consideration.

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