Summit, Allegheny Mountains


This is in the Northeast, from along The National Road in western Maryland as it works its way across and over the Allegheny Mountains.

I have been fascinated with U.S. 40 since long before I ever rode anywhere along its route -- and since a time when the furthest west I had ever been was somewhere in New Jersey.  George R. Stewart's book, checked out on multiple childhood occasions from the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, of photos and keenly written observations from his trips between Atlantic City and San Francisco, fired my natural propensities back in the mid-1950s.

Over the years I have been along most of its route -- at least those portions which still exist as public highways.  Much of it is now discredited or generally disused, as with this section superseded by a nearby Interstate.

Each time I come upon the old highway (that is, the route of Stewart's day) it's a pilgrimage of sorts.


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