The Rainbow Beyond

The open road was initially for me something mostly of my childhood imagination.  And then I found it available, unfolding zone by zone for the taking.  And it has been realized and appreciated time and time again, all over the country.  Its opportunities and surprises have held my compelling interest all through these many, many years. 

I have seen youth come and go, and now middle age is well upon me.  And soon enough, I trust, I will be heading toward the next phase.  The unbounded freedom of the unfettered highway that I once felt -- well now I know such scenes, such roads can also be involved with excruciating moments of unimagined destruction, of lives disrupted, ended.

But still I must go on. 
The pull and power of the highway is always out there, always somewhere in my mind.  I must still explore.  And I drive and watch and wait with anticipation for those very special moments -- whenever, wherever they may occur.

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