I have done a lot of traveling, but in particular I have seen the USA -- all fifty states several or many times over, routes crisscrossing the land and dutifully recorded on maps I keep.  I've been in the majority of Canada's provinces as well, along a much less dense network. 

There has also been much joyful back road rambling, the specific way taken often for no particular reason, and often leading to numerous moments of discovery.  Sometimes it is mainly chancing upon the right light or the right sky at the right time.  These moments of course have been  too infrequently captured by photo; even when they are, the resulting pictures often have not done them justice.

A few images that somehow speak to me follow from the links below.  They are compartmentalized into two groups: first, the more "pure" landscape scenes, where the natural features or the light or the sky or combinations thereof suggested the photo opportunity; and second, where some manmade element blended in by time, or standing out in contrast, shares the focus.  (This latter category, of course, also could describe a lot of Lonely Roads and Railroads photos found elsewhere on this site.)  

The distinction between the categories sometimes isn't particularly strong; maybe a better scheme will emerge as I add more moments in.
   So far just a few images are posted, mostly from some years ago.