On the Beach

This next picture is from later on in my childhood.  I look more "suave," I think. 

The sands appear to be fairly empty.  We must have been further out on Long Island than usual.  I was never a huge beach person, although I surely always greatly enjoyed the car ride to and from wherever we went. 

On one earlier trip to the shore, a hot weekend day at humanity-packed Jacob Riis Park, I got lost after leaving the family for a quick wade in the water.  I couldn't find our blanket-place and crisscrossing widening territory I was becoming more and more upset.

A nice lady sensed my problem.  She  took me to the police station.  Soon enough -- but it seemed a horrible wait -- my equally- or more-frantic mother came to check.  She saw me, I saw her.....  nothing could have been more emotional and good than what occurred at that moment.

We never went back to Jacob Riis Park.

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